Do I Need Coaching?

Coaching Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for your eyes only. Take a few moments to answer these questions with care. If you uncover an interest in learning more about Circle of Life Coaching please continue to look around this website or click here to schedule a time to talk with me.

Do you know where you want to go, yet feel stuck in place, unsure of how to get unstuck?
Are you ready to get unstuck?
Are you yearning for the support you need to make some changes?
Do you have the energy and personal power to feel confortable in your own skin?
Do you give yourself time to relax?
Do you know how to release stress?
Are you unclear about your personal dreams?
Are you unclear about your professional dreams?
Do you feel that joy and a connection with the things that really matter to you are missing?
Do you feel creative enough to find solutions to life’s challenges, yet are not sure how to access your creativity?
Are you looking for ways to more easily gather support and engage in effective changes that empower and delight you?
Are you anxious to open your heart and mind to receive that support?
Do you know what you care about?
Do you love your life?
Do you still feel “something is missing”?
Does something still feel “wrong”?
Are you yearning for focus?
Do you get distracted from your dream of how you want to show up in your life?
Do you keep trying things that don’t work?
Are you afraid you will run out of time, energy, or passion for your dreams?
Do you feel like giving up on your dream of helping to make a difference in the world?
Do you have everything you want and still feel unfulfilled or disconnected from your happiness?
Do you yearn to connect with and belong to a purpose greater than your own?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I think you will enjoy learning about how Circle Of Life Coaching can support you to get clear and move forward.

Let me conclude by saying:

I know this looks like a lot and it may seem impossible to change. I am here to tell you it is not too much and once you focus on what is important to you (rather than what other people have told you is important) you can make the changes you desire to make.

It is never too late to begin exploring where you are in the Circle of Life.
We all get second and third chances…do-overs as we called them as children. You have all the time you need to renew your dreams, find your center, heal your wounds and make new friends.

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