“Martha, you have the ability to point out alternative ways to look at my fear and get to the bottom of things so I can effectively deal with them. You are AWESOME!” DS, nurse practitioner

“I found Martha’s intuitiveness and listening skills to be extraordinary. Her gentle support allowed me to see new aspects of my own self. These insights helped me learn important feelings that lie beneath the surface, hidden. Now that they are out in the open, now that I can recognize them, I can use their powers to move me along a path of success in my mind, body and soul. Thank you Martha”. Julie Ann Life Coach. JS, life coach

“Martha was able to coach me through the process of what I call “down grading” at any point so that I wouldn’t get emotionally stuck when I felt overwhelmed. Her coaching allowed me as a coach to reduce the times I use food in excess to cope with the anxiety that can sometimes come with the demands of being an entrepreneur. With Martha’s help I was able to navigate what previously had been emotional landmines that would’ve stopped me. It was truly a life changing coaching session. I HIGHLY recommend Martha’s coaching….her demeanor, her ability to uncover what is NOT being spoken, and her passion are just off the chart! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity!” CG life coach

“You bring such a softness to the world, Martha, that nurtures and embraces the spirit in me. I heard my whole life to slow down and be quiet and always interpreted that to mean I was rushing and being loud, but when I hear you say in your meditation to slow down and be quiet I hear, ‘Kimberley take some time so you can really really hear yourself.’ Today I heard that I love being mothered and I love how nurtured I feel. For that Martha, thank you. You are such an incredible person and I feel so honored that I know you and continue to learn from you. Your impact is felt all the way to the other side of the planet. That’s how powerful you are my dear Martha!”

KS, Life Coach, Artist, World Traveler.